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Top 10 Attributes of a Good Housesitter

What makes a good housesitter? There are some tasks and skills to have and some intangibles to have as well. We’ve compiled a list of the attributes that make a good housesitter (or a couple of housesitters). We suppose some of these might come in handy in work and life as well!

  1. Reliability: A good housesitter should be able to be trusted to show up on time, follow through on their responsibilities, and be dependable in all aspects of their duties.
  2. Responsibility: A good housesitter should be able to take on all necessary tasks, including caring for pets, maintaining the home, and paying bills as needed, without being reminded or asked repeatedly.
  3. Attention to detail: A good housesitter should be able to pay attention to the needs of the home and the animals, noticing and addressing any potential issues or problems before they become major issues.
  4. Respect: A good housesitter should be respectful of the home and belongings of the homeowners, and should be mindful of their privacy and boundaries.
  5. Communication skills: A good housesitter should be able to communicate effectively with the homeowners, providing updates and addressing any concerns or questions as needed.
  6. Problem-solving skills: A good housesitter should be able to think on their feet and handle any unexpected issues that may arise, such as a broken appliance or a sick pet. Having handyman-type skills is an added bonus.
  7. Flexibility: A good housesitter should be able to adapt to different situations and be willing to take on additional tasks or responsibilities as needed.
  8. Trustworthiness: A good housesitter should be trustworthy and honest, and should be able to be trusted with the keys to the home and access to the homeowners’ personal belongings.
  9. Attention to safety: A good housesitter should be aware of and prioritize the safety of the home and animals, and should be able to identify and address any potential hazards.
  10. Love of animals: A good housesitter should have a genuine love of animals and be able to provide proper care and attention to any pets in their charge. Extra skills here might include taking care of specialty animals like horses.

Note that featured image is from DALL-E 2, an AI image generator. It’s a little weird, but still a nice house and a nice dog!

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  1. Aloha! I have lived on Maui for 25 years. I’m 55, single, non-smoker, non-drinker. I’m big on honesty, respect and having the ability to know that the unseen small things in the details can completely transform an experience.
    I worked, till just recently, for the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. For more than 15 years I continually fine tuned the meaning of creating memories. I took great pride in being a Gentleman taking care of Ladies and Gentlemen. Creating a safe, clean, well taken care of an environment while attending to every need both directed and silently unforeseen, gave me great joy and while creating those memories I found myself having many repeat guests become friends throughout their many stays. I feel as though I have the drive and skills to make sure anyone who I work for truly feel a that they have made the right choice and would never be disappointed. Wishing everyone much ALOHA!

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