House Sitting a Big Dog Long Term

How to Become a Long-Term House Sitter

As a long term house sitter, you will have the opportunity to visit many countries, meet new people, see incredible sights, and hang out with awesome animals! By staying somewhere longer than usual house sitting assignments, you can have a deeper experience. So, if you’re looking for a more profound travel arrangement, a long term house sitting gig is a great way to make memories that last a lifetime.

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How to Keep a House Sitting Routine

Keeping a good routine when housesitting makes life easier for everyone. Pets, particularly, but also the house sitters, housekeepers and even the homeowners.

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How House Sitters and Homeowners Work as a Team

Leaving your home in another person’s capable hands is a big deal. If you love your home, you’ll want to ensure that this goes smoothly. While the best house sitters are vetted and experienced, there’s nothing like cooperation between homeowners and house sitters to make things go swimmingly.

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How Do I Prepare My House for Vacation and Protect it While I’m Traveling?

This scenario, unfortunately, isn’t unique. Every year, thousands of Americans go on vacation to enjoy a relaxing trip away that turns into a living nightmare because they failed to take measures to protect their home while away. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to happen to you. With some thought and some action, you can make your home significantly more secure. This will allow you to sip on that cocktail without worrying whether or not someone is helping themselves to your family heirlooms.

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The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining an Unoccupied Home

Unoccupied properties are vulnerable. The longer they are left unoccupied, the higher the risk of something unfortunate happening to them. What can happen to an unoccupied home and how can you safeguard yourself and your property from mishaps and problems? Read on for our ultimate guide on maintaining your unoccupied home and give yourself peace of mind!

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House Sitting in California: 2021 Ultimate Guide

California — what better place to be? The golden state, a surfer’s paradise, land of beauty and opportunity: it can be all yours, with the added bonus of not having to pay rent when there’s a house sitting gig involved. California is an excellent and highly coveted locale for house sitting, with plenty of listings in the hottest locations this …

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How To Know When You See a Housesitting Scam

The main housesitting websites are filled with great opportunities for house-sitters, offering a free stay in exchange for watching a pet or keeping a house duly occupied. But a keen eye is needed to watch out for housesitting scams, which abound like mushrooms in the forest after a rain.

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Finding a Great Tenant Just for the Off-Season

Peak rental season is the best time for landlords. With properties in demand, you are more likely to secure a great tenant for your rental. That all changes in the off-season, unfortunately. Usually, the off-season happens in winter, when people are not all too interested in traveling, moving, or shaking up their lives. What is easy and straightforward in the summer and spring months suddenly becomes a major headache once the calendar pages flip over.