rent your guest-house out discreetly

How to Rent Out A Guest House Privately and Discreetly

Most homeowners want to rent out their guest house in a private and discreet manner. This is because they don’t want to draw attention to their guest house due to safety and security reasons. The number of homeowners who are renting their properties discreetly has increased in the past few years.

Preparing the Guest House for Rental

If you want to rent your guest house, you must ensure that it is in good condition. Paint the walls, replace worn out carpets, remove broken furniture, and fix any broken pipes and leaks.

Before renting, you should ensure that all amenities are working properly. If you want to attract good prospective tenants, make the guest house appealing. If the guest house is not maintained properly, you will not be able to get good tenants and proper rent.

Finding The Right Prospective Tenants

Finding the right tenant can be a time-consuming process. When renting the guest house privately, it is advisable to interview the tenant. Get references and other personal details.  Better yet, start with referrals.  If someone comes highly recommended from someone you respect and trust, the likelihood you’ll get a great tenant increases dramatically.

Show them around the property and carry out a background check. If you don’t have experience and time to do a background check, you can avail the services of a referring agency. This ensures a good tenant under your roof and not a problem you regret for a long time.

Most homeowners ask their friends, neighbors, and relatives for help when renting out the property. They could help vet the property with prospective tenants. This helps keep the renting out process discrete.

Get the Right Contract in Place

Getting the right contract in place for the tenants is important. If everything is legally correct, it protects the tenant and the guest house owner. A clear line of communication between the tenant and the homeowner will help prevent any kind of miscommunication.

Flexible Tenancy Lengths

Most homeowners prefer longer tenancy lengths but are flexible even for shorter periods. The tenancy can be for a few days, weeks or months.

Tenants who opt for a longer period will be able to negotiate better rent terms. If the tenant opts for a shorter period they will have to pay higher rent. You can choose to rent the guest house to the tenant as per their specific needs.

No Additional Fees

The tenant doesn’t have to pay fees when renting out a guest house. Agents usually charge administration fees, reference fees, and check out fees. This will help the tenant save a considerable amount of money. Tenants prefer renting from homeowners who don’t charge additional fees.

Flexible Deposit Arrangements

Lending agents tend to have strict procedures when setting the deposit amount. Homeowners are willing to provide flexible deposit arrangements if they believe they have found a good tenant.

Repairs and Maintenance

If you choose to rent out your guest house, you need to take care of repairs and maintenance of your property on your own. Fix broken pipes and leaks quickly. Regular maintenance will help avoid expensive repairs.

If the repairs and maintenance are not done at regular intervals, it can cause long-term damage to the guest house. You will not be able to attract good rent and tenants when the property is damaged.

Homeowners Save Money

One of the key reasons that homeowners choose to rent their guest houses discreetly is to save money. As you will not pay any fee to the agents, you will be able to make a higher profit on the rented property.

Finding a right tenant is a lot easier and you will be able to save on expensive management fees. All that you need to do is to put in a little bit of effort and you will be able to get good rent for the guest house. This will enable you to get good returns on your property.

Before you decide to rent out the guest house, it is important to determine the amount of rent that you will charge. You should be realistic when determining the rent you will be charging for the guest house. If you charge very high rent, you may not attract tenants.

Be clear about the rules that the tenant needs to follow when renting your property. The instructions should be precise so that there is no misunderstanding between responsibilities and expectations. This way, renting out a guest house can be a great way to earn money on your property.

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      Hi Kimberly – thank you so kindly for writing in. We don’t offer any services related to renting or leasing guest houses, as lovely as they are! We simply wanted to provide an article on how it all works, knowing that the homeowners value privacy and might not want to list their place publicly. You might want to check out Craigslist to see what’s listed, as well as your local paper to see what might be available. Also, many real estate offices offer rental sheets that are updated weekly. Best of luck, I know it can be difficult to find just the right place.

  1. I am a single 70 years old man very clean and quite looking for lease or renting a nice, clean guest house with separate entrance door around pacific such as palisade, Brentwood, south of venture, Santa Monica.

  2. Im looking for a quaint little guest house to rent in prescott woods. 67 yr old vet on fixed income. No family. It will be my last home. I live in Prescott. 928-356-2971. Tom

  3. Hello, we are in the process of getting our guest house ready to rent out. Trying to decide whether to do it on our own or through an agency. We found an interested tenant (a friend of a friend). How would we go about doing credit checks and background checks on our own? Also, if we’ve never written a leasing contract before, how do we get that started? Lastly, if things don’t work out and they go downhill, how are we protected? Thanks for any info!

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      Hi Cindy – thanks for writing in. It sounds like you should get some professional advice to ensure all of your documents are legal. A real estate attorney can help with that, and you’d only need to go through that process once. For credit checks, you can use the major reporting bureaus. You will need to collect your tenant’s info on an application along with their permission to pull a credit report. This article on Zillow is quite helpful in walking through that process – good luck and hope you get a great tenant!

  4. Hi Cindy .., I was widowed recently and had to lease our oversized Plano Texas home to downsize and cut expenses. I’d be interested in looking at your guest house for lease , as well as know your terms, cost and conditions, if the unit remains available. I believe I have all necessary credentials. Kindly email me as listed.
    Thank you!

  5. Hello, I’m a 35 year old single female, looking to find a guest house to rent out in the next few months for a year term or more. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thank you.
    Neelam Jan

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      Hi Sandra – I’d start with word-of-mouth, and see what other suggestions might be helpful from the article above. Good luck finding the right tenant!

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