A housesitter with two pets at sunset.

An Ode to Housesitting

Housesitting is a wonderful opportunity to see new places, bond with critters and generally shake things up. Feeling in a rut? Take on a short housesitting gig nearby!

I was playing with the new AI chat tools recently, and asked the bot to write me a whimsical poem about housesitting. It took all of about 5 seconds to write the following. What do you think? For what it’s worth, we’re all real humans here, and all of our blog posts are written by said humans, borne from travel and experience. Except this housesitting poem!

Housesitting, oh how grand,
A chance to wander through another land,
To live in a new abode,
And take care of the homely code.

I’ll dust and sweep and make the bed,
I’ll water plants and feed the pet,
I’ll watch the house with great delight,
And keep everything just right.

I’ll sit on the couch and read a book,
Or watch the sunset from the nook,
I’ll cook a meal and do the dishes,
And put away all of my wishes.

Housesitting, it’s a treat,
A chance to have a seat,
In someone else’s life for a while,
And bring a smile and a bit of style.

So if you need a housesitter, fear not,
I’ll be there, ready, willing, and hot,
To care for your home with utmost glee,
And return it back to you, neat as can be.

I mean, c’mon, that’s clever, right? Clearly, this AI thing has a bright future and a significant role in learning, writing and content now and in the future. Oh and that image up top? Also AI. Pretty wild, huh?