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About AliSun & Tyler

In December 2017, the Thomas Fire took our home at a meditation center in Ojai, CA. After three treasured years of living in community, leading meditations and doing our work in the world, we found ourselves back on the road.

Watching homes, pet ownership and traveling is familiar territory for us (we don't currently own any pets). We've been house sitting on occasion for over 21 years, and we traveled around the world, full-time, for four years.

Tyler owns a marketing agency and AliSun does energetic healing work, art and is studying herbalism. We love nesting and settling in just as much as we love new adventures, so house-sitting is a great fit for us.


    Current Peak Availability

    from October 1, 2022 on


    Minimum: 2 weeks

    Maximum: 3-6 months


    Will consider any opportunity. Best matches include:

    Continents: North America, Central America, Europe

    US States: California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico

    US Regions / Cities: Maui, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Santa Fe

    Travel Notes

    Countries Visited: 23

    Favorite Cities: San Francisco, CA; Granada, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey; Kyoto, Japan; Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Travel Blog: Owl and Bear | Instagram


    We've been housesitting as long as we've been together - over 23 years! We have great respect for peoples' pets and property, and consider it an honor to be trusted to watch a home. Get in touch if you would like contact information for our referrals.
    Hani & Andrew, Sonoma County, CA, 2018: My family travels often and as soon as we make plans, we immediately contact AliSun and Tyler to care for our home as they have done on multiple occasions. AliSun and Tyler are two of the kindest, most thoughtful, respectful, generous and trustworthy humans we know. We live in a remote area and they take the initiative to thoughtfully take care of things such as filling up our propane tank and stacking firewood (twice, they have stacked an entire cord, and every single stay, they have filled up our indoor supply by our wood stove). They pay attention to the details: every whisk is back in its precise kitchen drawer, plants are healthier than we left them, and just about everything is better than when we left it. We return to our home in immaculate condition, topped by sweet and delightful touches: a scented candle, a gift for our toddler, or completely refilled or replaced household supplies down to the handsoap throughout our house. We recommend them wholeheartedly and highly. The only downside for us is that we don’t get to see them when we get back!

    Mike & Lori, Santa Monica, CA, 2018: Tyler and AliSun have taken care of our house several times in the past. There’s nothing like coming home to the house that’s clean and in order. The house is one thing but our pets, we have three dogs and three cats, are another thing entirely. They all love Tyler and AliSun. The pets, for us, are like members of our family. It is so good to know that they are well taken care of while we are away from home. It’s not just feeding the pets. The dogs are walked. The cats are petted. The animals are LOVED. I’m an avid gardener. My potted plants are always in good shape went we return home. Lastly, Tyler and AliSun are good people right down to their core. We are happy to have them in our life.

    Alison G.B., Ojai, CA, 2011: Tyler and AliSun have lived in a rental house on our property for three years. They have been dream tenants. My husband travels a lot and I always have a sense of home, community and safety knowing that AliSun and Tyler are here. They are generous with their love and time by constantly walking our dogs and helping us out with stuff around the land. They often check in with me to see if I need anything. I love having them here. I hope they remain here a very long time. I mean it. AliSun and Tyler are a rare pleasure and would be a gift to anyone's home that they grace with their presence. They both lead creative lives and work at home. AliSun is an incredible artist. We have one of her paintings hanging in our home. Tyler is some kind of computer wiz and has a socially conscious and informative website that is an amazing resource for our town and community. They both have a manner about them that honors the positive in life. I also love the friends that they gather around them. They are easy to get to know and thoughtful in their inquiries about life. They enjoy meeting new people. We have a guest house next to their house and our guests always love getting to know them as a highlight of their visit with us. I can't imagine getting into a disagreement with them. It is quite easy to sort anything out and if I need help in any way they always get right back to me and let me know if they can or not. I have no reservations at all, what so ever, in recommending this couple as house-sitters. They add to any experience they get involved with.

    Airbnb Reviews

    We have over a year of stays on Airbnb since 2010. We have been blessed to travel the world, experience different cultures and share in the joy of peoples' lives. Every single stay brings back a wealth of memories. Following are a few of our favorite reviews on Airbnb. View more on our Airbnb profile.
    "Tyler and AliSun have been a blessing in my house. They left my house even better than it was! Both have a lovely energy and charming smiles. Trustful and respectful: I can highly recommend hosting them. When I got home, I felt as if it had been warmed up by someone of my own family. Thanks for the Sun!" - Belen, Granada, Spain "Great guests. I would definitely recommend hosting them. They were great communicators and very attentive to house rules." - Ramon, Panama City, Panama "Tyler and his wife AliSun were 5-star guests! They were very polite, warm, wonderful smile, easy to talk very much and left the room extremely clean and tidy. My husband and I had a very good impression of them! Tyler worked with a laptop every day in my garden. So my garden became his office. This garden office is open every day! Please come back anytime! While they stayed in Nara, it was sunny days. I recommend this Sunny couple to everyone! Domo Ookini." - Chiaki, Nara, Japan "Tyler and AliSun are so open and friendly, tidy and such a joy. I say that our family after they left is bigger for two!" - Ives, Split, Croatia "Tyler & AliSun were my first Airbnb guests. At first, of course, I was a little nervous leaving my home in strangers hands. Luckily, Tyler and his wife were excellent, neat and trustworthy guests. They left the place in perfect condition. When I came back it made me wonder, if they stayed there at all! This experience encouraged me to continue with Airbnb! I would recommend Tyler & AliSun as the best guests one can have!" - Lana, Zagreb, Croatia "Tyler and AliSun were perfect guests! Great communication beforehand and during their stay. We had never had guests stay more than a week, so having them there for a month felt like having really great neighbors. We were invited to a lovely breakfast one weekend and were presented with a salt container and salad servers, so thoughtful! Now all future guest will benefit from their generosity. We would be thrilled to have them back and highly recommend Tyler and AliSun." - Katrina, Cazadero, CA "Tyler and AliSun are true citizens of the world, and seasoned travelers. As they moved through my orbit, we had a wonderful synchronous convergence!" - Bonnie, Flagstaff, AZ "AliSun and Tyler are truly lovely and caring people. I am happy they stayed here at my place for 5 weeks. AliSun and I shared conversations about ourselves and the world around us. We talked and laughed about the foibles of humanity. We sat in the garden among the flowers and she had appreciation of all the beauty surrounding her. Both Tyler and she are of gentle spirit. It was a pleasure to be around them. They kept the studio in good order and when they left it was spotless. To have them stay here was an all around good experience. I recommend them highly as guests. They said they wanted to come back some day and I would like that very much." - Ursula, Guerneville, CA "Tyler and his wife AliSun are veterans of this travel stuff. They know what they're doing. They were incredibly gracious and understanding when we had to do some shuffling around with their reservation. Tyler was very thorough and responsive with all communication leading up to their stay." - Virgil, Arcata, CA