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House Sitting for Digital Nomads

UPDATED AUGUST 17, 2019 was started by digital nomads – housesitters who have also stayed in Airbnbs, pensiones, hotels and even a nunnery around the world. We know we’re basically living in the future.

Today’s workforce is super-mobile, and digital nomads are a very real thing. People can access the internet from practically anywhere, which means more and more people are taking their work on the road (or the plane, or the boat).

Becoming a digital nomad takes a bit more effort than simply quitting one’s job and jetting off to the nearest white sandy beach taking just the right photo for Instagram. Spending time abroad while working is a careful balance that requires forethought and planning.

Is this wandering nomad looking for her coworking location? Or just good light?

Digital nomads should be financially able

To support a digital nomad lifestyle you will have to ensure you are financially able, which means paying down debts, traveling light, and, of course, making your work portable so you will have income.

Whether running their own businesses or logging into the corporate life from a portable device, digital nomads are ready and willing to travel. And for those new to gallivanting around the world, many are leaving homes behind.

Dealing with your stuff

As a new digital nomad, you will have to figure out where you want to go, and what to do with the things you are leaving behind. Some digital nomads sell their homes, and others cancel apartment leases, but if you have a property you love and want to come back to eventually (or use as a home base when you are back in town during your travels) you need to make alternate arrangements.

There are two benefits to digital nomad-hood when it comes to homes. Digital nomads make excellent house sitters and the homes digital nomads leave behind are an excellent option for travelers looking for a place to stay briefly.

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Pugs are the bomb

Working remotely, digital nomads are able to house sit to live rent-free while keeping options open for world exploration. If you’re a digital nomad looking for a place to land, consider house-sitting.

For digital nomads setting out and leaving a property behind, hiring a house sitter ensures that home sweet home stays as sweet as it was on the day of departure. It’s the perfect give and take scenario that puts everyone on the path to a good time and peace of mind.

Benefits for Digital Nomad House Sitters

  • For many, the idea of travel is wonderful, but staying in hotels can be expensive. Sticking with resorts, hotels, and other commercial accommodations means missing out on the real local flavor of any given area. Taking over someone else’s home for a while puts you right in the middle of regular life, and outside of the common tourist attractions.
  • As a digital nomad and house sitter, you can experience a lot of new things without spending that hard-earned cash. Houses and homes around the world are just as varied as the people you will meet on your travels, so, as a house sitter, you can experience life in all manner of settings, with the only requirement being the connectivity you need to get your work done. Working from someone else’s home is generally a lot more reliable for internet access than trying to pick up public signals.
  • Pet-loving traveler? Missing Fido and Kitty at home? No worries. House-sitting often doubles as pet sitting, so you may make a few furry friends along the way.
  • Remember that house-sitting puts you in someone’s fully equipped, regularly functioning home. That means you do not have to worry about bringing bedding, buying kitchen utensils, or finding a way to cook your meals. It’s a big step up from a hostel or hotel, with all of the creature comforts you enjoy.
  • House-sitting gives you a place to work, stay, and play without having to pay rent or a mortgage. That’s a good way to fund your travels, funnel more money back into your business, and keep moving up in the world.
  • With a house-sitting gig, digital nomads literally have the world at their feet. It’s a bit of work, and you have to meet the requirements of the homeowner, but when you find a good match it can be an amazing experience.

What’s In It For Homeowners?

Digital nomad or not, homeowners who need a break are best served by an experienced estate sitter. It’s a choice that simply makes sense!

Leaving your own home to travel can feel overwhelming on the logistical side of things. There are plants to water, pets to be cared for, maintenance indoors and out, mail and parcels to pick up, doors and windows to secure, and the list goes on. You, of course, cannot do that from halfway across the world.

Win-win scenario when petsitting an awesome dog

Property Insurance and Occupancy

Then there are the financial considerations. Your property insurance may require an occupant in the home (psst — house sitters count as an occupant). If a crime or property damage takes place and your home is unoccupied in the eyes of the insurer, you could be on the hook for a lot of money, which really puts a damper on the whole freewheeling travel thing.

The point is, it’s really hard to relax when you’re not sure what’s going on at home. Take that ‘did I leave the stove on’ feeling, multiply it by 1000, and you will see what we mean. An estate sitter, especially a fellow digital nomad, is your own insurance policy against stress and anxiety.

Whether you are out for a business trip that spans a few weeks, or away for months at a time, an estate sitter has your back while you are gone, taking the burden off of family and friends who may not be able to fully commit to watching your home, and ensuring that things are the way you want them to be when you get back.

Whatever side of the digital nomad life you are on, coming or going, we highly suggest you think about how estate sitting can make it that much sweeter!

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